Male Victims of Forced Marriage

Men can also be victims of Forced Marriage. This includes heterosexual men, as well as gay, bi and trans men. Some 15% of victims that are identified by the Forced Marriage Unit of the Foreign Office are men.

The Forced Marriage Unit exists to assist and advise UK citizens who are victims of Forced Marriage. Information on the work they do can be found on their website here.

What is a forced marriage?

A forced marriage is one where people are coerced into a marriage against their will and under duress. Duress includes both physical and emotional pressure. Forced marriage is an abuse of human rights and cannot be justified on any religious or cultural basis. It is, of course, very different from arranged marriage, where the consent of both parties is present. The tradition of arranged marriages has operated successfully within many communities and many countries for a very long time.

What can you do?

If you fear you may be forced into marriage overseas, or know someone else who may be, there is help. Call the Forced Marriage Unit as soon as possible on

020 7008 0151 (or 0044 20 7008 0151 if you are overseas)


Forced marriage protection orders


Various resources, including in other languages, here

Survivors’ Handbook

If you have left a forced marriage and need help to re-build your life, you might want to read the Survivors Handbook, a publication from the Forced Marriage Unit:

Survivors Handbook

Information for LGBT people affected by forced marriages

You can download this booklet here

For posters, leaflets and dvd’s about forced marriage please contact the Forced Marriage Unit by emailing them at